Exhibitions that can be visited during guided tours

Pfeilersaal Hall: The weapons collection
The Pfeilersaal at Prösels Castle is now the worthy home of the comprehensive weapons collection of former castle owner Franz Anton von Kofler. Here visitors can trace the development of weapons from the Middle Ages to the late 19 century. The collection also includes some surprising rate pieces.

Fireplace room and East wing: The Batzenhäusl collection
At the turn of the century the “Bazenhäusl”, a renowned restaurant in Bolzano, was a popular meeting place for well-known and famous personalities from the Arts and Culture this side and the far side of the Brenner. It soon became a famous artist’s inn. Famous artists such as Braith, Mali, Defregger and Oberstolz Wopfner donated valuable paintings to the Batzenhäusl. Unfortunately, about half of the formerly 200 paintings were lost. The remaining 98 paintings were purchased by the Government of South Tyrol and entrusted to Prösels Castle.

House "Tischlerhaus": „…..finff majolica schaln…“

In the course of archaeological digs in 1982, 1992, 2004, 2006 and 2013 many highly interesting finds were discovered in Prösels Castle. They speak of daily life at Prösels Castle and also of the first settlements on what is today’s castle hill.

3. floor: Picture gallery
After the opening of Prösels Castle as a centre of culture in 1982 renowned artists have been exhibiting their art in the Tischlerhaus. Each artist bequeathed the consortium one picture from their respective exhibition. The result was an interesting, varied collection which can be seen as part of a guided tour of the castle.

1. floor: Lotte Copi legacy
The artist Lotte Copi, born in 1925, bequeathed to the consortium Prösels Castle 21 representative paintings in 1996 and 1999 as a sign of her appreciation of the consortium’s work. The pictures, which can be seen during guided tours, are part of the renowned collection “Experienced Landscapes”.
During guided tours visitors can also admire a selection of the artefacts found during the most recent excavations in 2012/13. They include prehistoric finds, stove tiles from around 1500, coins, utensils and jewellery, including a fragment of a bronze bracelet from the 6 century.