Visit Prösels Castle and spend unforgettable hours in the historic courtyard, in the idyllic chapel, the cosy fireplace room, the splendid knight’s hall, the private rooms of Leonhard von Völs and in the terrifying armoury.

From 1 May to 31 October Prösels Castle is open to visitors who must be part of a guided tour. Closed Saturdays.


From 6th December 2021 on access to our castle will be possible only with Super Green Pass:

- Green Pass (valid from the 15th day after the first vaccination until the second vaccination, and for 9 months from the second vaccination),
- recovery from Sars-CoV-2 (validity 6 months) 

Purchase your tickets half an hour before the guided tour in the coffee shop next to the castle gates.

German and Italian speaking visitors are taken by a guide, for all other visitors guided audio tours are offered in English.

 June11.00  14.0015.00 
 July11.00 12.0013.0014.0015.0016.00
 August11.00 12.0013.00 14.0015.0016.00
 September11.00  14.0015.0016.00
 October11.00  14.00 15.00  

Adults 9,00 €
Children (6-14 years) 5,00 €
Groups(person) 6,00 €

Group tours

We are happy to make appointments for your private guided tour. A guide will take you through the castle at your preferred time and day.
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