The first record of a medieval fortress is found in deeds from 1279 which mention a CASTRUM PRESILE. It is assumed that the CASTRO MONTIS SANCTI VALENTINI found in deeds from 1244 also refers to Prösels Castle.

Built by the Counts von Völs, the ministers of the Bishops of Bressanone, it was used for many centuries as their family residence and retreat.
The most important descendant of this family, Leonhard von Völs - Colonna (1458 – 1530), who for many years was Governor of Adige and Burgrave of Tyrol, extended the fortress to become a castle equally influenced by the late Gothic period and the Renaissance. The fortress was fitted with the most modern defence technology and furnished according to the tastes of the times of Emperor Maximilian I.

After the last member of the aristocratic von Völs family died in 1804 the castle frequently changed hands and was subject to successive periods of decline and restoration.
Following the death of the last owner in 1978 the cooperative KURATORIUM SCHLOSS PRÖSELS bought the castle in 1981, carried out extensive refurbishment and opened it to the public for celebrations, exhibitions and cultural events.

In the summer months the castle is open to visitors who must be part of a guided tour.